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In our last Kids Box-Fit class, we challenged the kids to watch The Kindness Diaries over their extended March Break. We asked them to choose their favorite episode and share with us why. Our reason 'why' for asking this is simple - the world needs more kindness...


The movie '300' about the Spartans spawned the workout of the same name. Timmins Boxing Club created the '3000.' It's a combination of the following:

  • 3000 Punches - A combination straight punches, hooks and upper cuts. (Shadow box at home if you have no heavy bag)

  • 3000 Abs - A combination of good old fashioned crunches and leg lifts.

  • 3000 Squats - Just the basic squats, nothing fancy.

Try to accomplish this in your best time. We are upping the challenge by setting a half hour target for each ​session. We will have official timings in class, and if you can do this under the half hour time limit, you'll become part of the select few who will join the TBC 3000 club. What do you get for this? Pride and a sense of accomplishment ... and maybe a T-shirt that you can wear proudly, so you can tell people that boxers are tougher than Spartans.

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