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The Timmins Boxing Club is a 5000 square foot facility located in the Confederation Sports Complexe.​  The club is large enough to accomodate 70 athletes and offers an array of training areas and equipment.

        Boxing Rings


The club has 2 boxing rings.  Each of the rings are standard 20 x 20 encased in ropes and offer the athlete the full experience of being in the ring.  The rings are used for technical work, sparing and competitive training.  Athletes practice their foot work, their lateral movement and their offensive and defensive skills.  Althletes can work in pairs or with more experienced boxers or their coach to hone their skills and their strength.

The cage

The x square foot hexagone cage measures x feet across and x feet high.  Both the floor and all the metal posts are padded for safety.  The cage is used for technical work, sparring and competitive training.  The cage provides a different feel from the ring.  While athletes are less likely to get caught up in a corner they tend to learn to stay away from the walls altogether even though they are contained to a smaller training area.  This encourages boxers to practice their defensive rather than just stepping to safety.

hanging and standup bags
        Boxing Bags

There are a total of 18 heavy bags, 3 tear drop mai tai bags and 10 standup bags in the club.  There are a variety of different styles of bags and members are encouraged to vary the bags they work on in order to increase their flexibility and their style.  Many of the bags are leather and filled with heavy cloth, however some are long, some are short, some are canvas and some are filled with water. 

Speed bags and strike bags
        Speed Bags / Strike Bags


The primary purpose of the speed-bag is to develope hand-eye coordination, rythm and timing.  There are 3 fully adjustable speed bags and 3 hyperflex strike bags in the Timmins Boxing Club.  These bags are often used by members before and after class as an individual drill.

Wall bags in te torture room
        Wall Bags / Torture Room


Work in the torture room is intense.  The room is equiped with 6 wall bags.  The stationary wall bags allow boxers to work their power with a focus the feet, legs and hips.  Boxers who are not on the bags are expected to work their squats and balance while they encourage their team mates.  A group atmosphere is encouraged and a room that sounds like a morgue earns its members push-ups and hindu squats.    

Hand pads, muai tai pads, and tombstone pads
         Technical Equipment


Knowing how and where to hit is a big part of boxing.  Members work in pairs on hand pads, tombstone pads and muai tai pads in order to hone both their offensive and defensive technique.  Coaches provide feedback during technical work and members switch partners regularly in order to vary their experiences and learning.  Members also learn to observe their partners and provide feedback to each other. 

wrestling mats and individual mats
        Wrestling Mats


Core strength is a key component of boxing and as such part of every workout includes Mat work.  There are three large wrestling mats in the club and large number of portable individual mats.  Every workout includes about 15 minutes of Mat work where the focus is on strengthening the abs, arms, lower back and butt.

Other equipment for use in the club
        Additional Equipment

Core, arm, and leg strength are all important components of boxing.  The club has lots of equipment to support the development of all muscle groups.  Participants will use rollers, medicine balls, balance balls, kettle bells, slam balls, bosu balls, skipping ropes, battle ropes, bulgarian bags, grappling dummies, steps, tires, sledge hammers, wrist curl weights, and chin up bars.

Summer / River Outdoor Facility


The summer program runs at our outdoors facility, located at Timmins Adventure Tours, 567 Pavillon Dr.



The 20 x 20 covered outdoor boxing ring allows the boxers to feel the real deal outdoors in a more natural and fun setting.  Throughout the summer, particpants can use the ring for technical sparring and competitive boxing.

        Hanging Bags


There are a total of 8 heavy bags, and 4 individual standup bags at the river.  Hanging and standup bags are used to practice technique, strength and speed.  Footwork is challenged by the uneven terrain and the feel of the grass under your feet.  There's truly something about working the bags in the sun and fresh air. 



Along with the outdoor boxing ring, the outdoor facility has a 20 x 20 wooden deck with an overhead cover.  For the core workouts and stretches on a matted stable covered area, it also serves as an elevated station for lunges, step-ups, regular and inverted pushups and tricept dips.  The exercises are unlimited as the breeze keeps you cool no matter how hard you work.



The 'wire', a 50 foot wire clable is stretched between 2 poles with a matted base, allowing a full body workout, whether its scaled along its length, or used for pull ups, chin ups, body up, knee ups or just swinging or hanging.  Participants are encouraged to work in pairs to ensure safety and provide encouragement.

        Obstacle Courses


The outdoor obstacle course incorporates balance, stamina, coordination, endurance, and fun.  The bonus is being in the outdoors for a healthy workout.  It entails scaling the wire, tire flipping, walking the beams, mogeling the rocks, jumping the hurtles, hauling the wieghted canoe, heaving the grampling dummies and banging the bags.  This go at your own pace course provides a fun, functional exercise pushing you to breathe in the fresh air and "Making you a better you!".


The Timmins Boxing Club summer program offers Kayaking and Stand Up Paddle Boarding as part of the curriculum.  Whether you are a newbie to the sport or a seasoned participant, there's nothing like being out on the water learning something new, or working your body to a greater level.  Both the kayak and the stand up paddle boards provide a full body workout and relaxing natural environment.

A Little History

Having a passion for boxing as well as having trained under Red Mustato both as a youth and young adult.  Red's death had a significant impact on Shawn.  In 2002, Shawn and his wife Jeannette began to consider the impact that this trainer's death had not only on Shawn but also on the other many athletes who had a a desire to develop speed, agility and character through the practice of a sport they loved.  It was then that Shawn and Jeannette began to survey the public on the need to open a boxing club in Timmins.  The search for a permanent location, boxing equipment, suppplies and gear was initiated.  The dream of offering Timmins a permanent boxing location, a top of the line equipped boxing facility with a regulation ring, offering certified boxing instruction for youth and adult of the Timmins and area became a reality in September 2003.


The Timmins Boxing Club began in the upper level of the Felman Timber building, offering a 4000 sq. ft. facility.  It had a 20 x 20 regulation ring, 10 hanging bags, speed bags, medicine balls, hand equipment, a 60 sq. ft. fully matted room and a pro shop which offered all boxing, grappling and some martial art equipment.  This old school stereotypical boxing club was a little rough around the edges; however, interest and enrollment grew each year.  Expansion at the old club was not possible because the training rooms could not accommodate more than 35 athletes at one time.


In 2007 things abruptly changed.  The Timmins Boxing Club partnered with the City of Timmins and moved into the newly renovated Confederation Sports Complex.  The new 5000 sq. ft. boxing facility has enabled us to get the masses to the classes.


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